Branchial sinuses/fistula is one of the most common congenital anomalies found in neck derived from the branchial arches. Although unilateral lesions are common, very rarely it can be bilateral and patient can present as discharging sinus/fistula over the anterior aspect of the neck. Here, we have presented a rare case report of bilateral branchial arch anomaly from the second branchial arch without any syndromic association of a 17-year-old female.


Branchial fistula/sinus Second arch


Author Biographies

G H M Shahidul Haque, Care Medical College & Hospital, Dhaka

Department of ENT and Head-Neck Surgery, Care Medical College & Hospital, Dhaka

Md. Bazlul Karim Choudhury, Colonel Malek Medical College, Manikganj

Department of Biochemistry, Colonel Malek Medical College, Manikganj

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Haque GHMS, Choudhury MBK. Bilateral Branchial Arch Anomalies: a Rare Case Report. CMMCJ [Internet]. 2019 Jul. 31 [cited 2022 Aug. 13];2(02):46-50. Available from: https://cmmcj.org/index.php/cmmcj/article/view/27


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