About the Journal

Colonel Malek Medical College Journal is a peer reviewed open access medical journal published by the Haematology Society of Bangladesh, two times a year, January and July. It accepts original articles, review articles and case reports of scientific merits related to any branch of medicine. Our vision is to increase standard, utility and popularity of the journal through dissemination of knowledge, experience and challenges. Anyone can be a precious contributor by submitting original article, case report, review article or letter to editor.

This journal is to serve as a medium for expression, sharing and exchange of views among the physicians and surgeons of different disciplines, the students of medicine and heath service providers. It is to act as a vehicle for the conveyance of up-to-the-minute information, comment, constructive criticism and sound opinion. Students’ knowledge is expected to be upgraded, updated and met up by the contents of this journal. Besides, researchers will acquire new information and data from the journal. In addition, circulation and utilization of research outcome through this journal will be an added benefit for patient service. It is your heartfelt participation that will continue to improve the journal in the coming days.

Every effort is made by the members of the editorial board to avoid inaccurate, misleading and duplicate information within the individual article, but it is the sole responsibility of the author(s) for such act. It is not the task of the editor to investigate scientific fraud paper and the editorial board accept no liability whatsoever for the consequences of any such act. The editor reserves the rights to change the writing into customary style and, if necessary, shortens the material accepted for publication and to determine the priority and time of publication.